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Since 1997, As a major manufacturer of steel raised movable floor in china, ChangZhou Baojin Anti-static Enquipment CO.,Ltd.is Characterized by introducing advanced equipments and skilled workers being strictly Coincided With the standard of ISO9000,as well as, with our patented high quality product :light type full steel raised movable floor ( Patent No. 00111485.9 ) to engage the markets of both in domestic and international actively. our capacity is able to 500,000 meters square annually which worth to USD8,000,000 .
If you are interesting in our steel floor products, or to bid for a project in the business scope : Intelligent buildings, OA office ,Computer room, Microwave communication station , Magazine and Anti-static place ,Clean workshop. School, etc. please don¡¯t hesitate to contact us for more information. Thank your kindly cooperation in this respect. Sincerely yours YongXing Zhao President